Going Unplugged… Kind of.

To start out, happy Fourth of July and a long weekend to (hopefully most) of you Americans; and to the rest of the world, happy fourth and another Tuesday finished.

Technically, I’m writing this post a week early so I’m off celebrating my own Fourth not spending the evening with all you lovely people, but I hope you will forgive me. Why? you may ask and the answer is simple: with everything else that is going on, I really don’t need to spend my time on my computer.

My real reasons for wanting my computer would be to offload pictures and write this blog, but as with most things in travel planning, there are always ways around lugging heavy computers and space consuming chords. Instead, I’m writing and scheduling this blog now and am making a camera plan.

I have multiple data cards and batteries which will allow me to check pictures and keep the ones I want. If you want to offload pictures with less space you can also buy an external hard-drive that off loads from memory cards or, if you have access to someone else’s computer, you can bring your normal offloading device and a flash drive to store the pictures on.

Again, I’m only going partially unplugged – I will still have my phone which, let’s face it, basically means I will have a computer in my pocket at all times. This also means, if you want to follow my week of travel before I get to blogging about it all, feel free to check my Instagram for more up-to-the-minute updates.

But until next week,

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Going Unplugged… Kind of.

Home from War, Potrero…

…and I am so tired.

War and Shield. Potrero War, California. May 2016.

This past week, my sister and I camped with our barony at Potrero war outside of San Diego as part of a SCA event. I’ve written about the SCA – The Society for Creative Anachronism – before but this is the most intense part of the society we’ve been apart of yet.

Potrero war is a 5 day event – including the set up and pack up day – where you are fully garbed and in persona. We bowed to royalty and their chairs; we saw a knighting and a court where many were elevated to new ranks; we shopped in the marketplace; we partied with Romans, Romani, and other baronies (though I never made it very long in the party arena…); and we watched the battles while other ladies and gentlemen worked on their crafts.

And it was so much fun!

Down the road, I’ll talk about all the things I wish I had brought or left, that I had done (like volunteering more!) and explored. But for now, I am going to de-gunk my system – a lot of greens, teas, and yoga in my immediate future – and get a whole lot of sleep.

Until then – and sorry this is short!

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

ps. pictures to come on my new Flicker account.

Home from War, Potrero…