Book Nerd: Kansas City Public Library

… Kind of…

The Community Bookshelf. Kansas City Public Library, Central Branch. Kansas City, Missouri. 1 July 2017.

Welcome back, my lovely book nerds and tack another quick stop (if only to enjoy some time with pictures) into your Global book nerd to-do list. For those following along as more than book nerds – ie. the current Kansas saga or my life and travels in general – this is a continuation of my odd-date involving Ryan driving me around Kansas City and following me around odd places, like this book wall.

The first thing you ought to know is that you need to research which branch you are visiting within Kansas City. This book wall is located at the central branch, but we accidentally hit another before we made it there, but the branches are relatively close by car so if you get a little turned around, it’s not too bad.

Also, while this wall is lovely (and I loved playing around with it), there have been changes since the pictures that pop up on Google were posted and, truthfully, the book-wall is not actually part of the library, but the parking lot located next to the library. The trees have grown a lot which means there is a lot of shade, but the view of this amazing wall is really obstructed, especially in whole. Still, I loved looking at these large spines and the staircases into the parking garage – usually overlooked – which are a pile of stone books (yes, I definitely took pictures on them – I am a nerd), even if it had nothing to do with physical books or reading.

This being said, I will never say no to popping into the actual library when you are here – every place like this deserves all the love they can get.

Again, this is a quick stop and a quick post, but if you are in the area, stop by and enjoy yourself!

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Book Nerd: Kansas City Public Library

Book Nerds: New York Public Library

The very special edition.

100 Aker Woods Map New York Public Library, New York City. April, 2015.

Yes, my fellow traveling book nerds, this is a special edition of this odd saga I’m currently undertaking, but who can blame me, right?

Thus far my adventures have had me bouncing around from beautiful bookstore to bookstore across continents and seas—some of these adventures will be posted in the next few weeks, don’t worry!—but who can forget the even bigger haven of the book nerd—especially us broke students or post-grads: Public Libraries!

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know I had a very impromptu trip to New York City to visit my family (yes, that will also be a post!) and my mother (she knows me so well) planned a very special trip to the New York Public Library. Now, before you get too excited, I have to say that there were eight of us with the age range of 60 years or so, so to say the trip was short would be a major understatement—they couldn’t take the whole day running around the city on a good day, let alone the last one.

So, in the end we only went through one small section but it was beautiful!

Day at the Library. New York Public Library, New York City, New York. April, 2015.
Day at the Library. New York Public Library, New York City, New York. April, 2015.

But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

The library is huge and filled with everything you can possibly imagine, not to mention the fact that it is one of the major landmarks in the city being featured in films like Ghostbusters. The front is picturesque with its twin lion statues and Bryant Park around back, if you fancy a nice lunch in the sun before, after, or between looking through the library’s enormous collections.

But let’s get down to why this book nerd loved this particular trip, despite how short it was: Pooh Bear.

Love. New York Public Library, New York City, New York. April, 2015.
Love. New York Public Library, New York City, New York. April, 2015.

That’s right, that silly, old bear ended up being the reason we went out that day.

In the children’s section of the library, situated just to the right of the side entrance doors, in their own little room are all inspirations of the characters most of us grew up loving. I stood in the corner of the room reading Pooh Bear quotes to my sister while my mom teared up and snapped pictures.

If I couldn’t spend the day running through the whole building, this little room was worth the effort for those of us who love to read and just don’t want to grow out of believing these characters are as real as anything else—those who just aren’t ready to let go of the magic of books and grow up.

One warning, however, my dear book nerds: if you are in the children’s section with a group of rowdy adults who can take things more than a bit too far, be aware of the audience because things can really get out of hand—children’s art books can be interpreted in many ways, fiends… and it is wrong.

Anyway, to leave you with a quote (which made my mother tear up) which sums up this post, my trip, and brings in a little bit of travelers’ wisdom:

“If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together…  there is something you must always remember.  You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.”                                                               –A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Book Nerds: New York Public Library