A Year Ago Today…

It’s been a quicker year than I ever expected!

Grey Cardiff, Wales. January 2016.

Since the weather in LA has been decidedly grey, I’ve been missing and reliving my time the UK in equal measure but both parts have me reminiscing.

A year ago today, I was traveling by train from London to Cardiff with my parents during my Masters graduation trip. We spent the day running around Doctor Who themed sites (including the soon to be closed Doctor Who Experience) and the night searching for a pub that served food late – this was surprisingly difficult since it wasn’t really late at all!

I had been in this city twice before but walking through parts I hadn’t visited before and letting myself get lost in the city (we got turned around quite a bit) was such an adventure and a pleasure.

While most of my travel this year has been localized – as in California with a few jaunts out of the state – just like that last trip to Cardiff, it’s really been about pushing what I’ve done before in every place I’ve visited.

I’ve visited new LA lookout points; I’ve gone to events like marches and camp outs; I’ve visited new beaches; and I have photographed them all. In some ways, This year has wavered but mostly remained the same; in others, I’ve grown so much.

So take a look at your past year: what do you think?

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A Year Ago Today…

Hello, Sweetie

Cardiff revisited: a nerdy day trip

Did someone call for the Doctor? Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff, Wales. January 2016.

As I wrap up my nerd-tastic week following Gallifrey One, the annual Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles, I feel it is only fitting to revisit another geek-centric trip I recently conducted: a quick day trip to the Doctor Who mecca: Cardiff, Wales.

If you haven’t been, this is in no way an exaggeration.

The amount of questions which started with “As you may or may not know, Doctor Who fans regularly make pilgrimages to Cardiff…” And if you are a Doctor Who fan, this is a trip you will truly want to make.

A few years ago, during Matt’s time as the eleventh Doctor, I was able to go to BBC’s walk through show and exhibition- The BBC’s Doctor Who Experience – which was great fun for fans of all ages.

But for our older fans (well, fine, the young one’s too), the tour has stepped up its game. As the twelfth Doctor has taken over our screens, Capaldi has taken over Doctor Who Experience, making it a darker and much more sarcastic ride through all your favorite monsters.

I won’t write much more than this here as I don’t want any spoilers slipping out, just get here and trust me.

TXAV9005As a fan of fashion and cosplay, I am also a huge fan of the museum half of the tour which is currently flooded with Clara Oswald costumes. This is the half where you can take as many pictures as you want and get great cosplay ideas – trust me the pictures and first hand viewing helps – for a variety of characters.

And again, for us older fans (and this time I mean it!), find and watch Torchwood then give yourself some time to wander the varied locations across Cardiff Bay, especially Ianto’s memorial wall. This is one stop we hit every visit as the memorial changes constantly – as a fan, it really is quite the experience.

If you are interested in the other Doctor Who experiences – the unofficial kind like filming locations – there are a million and one lists of Who universe  locals to search out, however, you will need a car to get to many. For some ideas check out my other Doctor Who posts where I detail other locations.

But until next time, keep your nerd flag high.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Hello, Sweetie