When Timing Works: Burgerfest

Burgerfest 2019. Ljublijana, Slovenia. April 2019.

Throughout this entire trip, Ryan and I had managed to have fantastic timing: we got caught in rain here or there, but it was generally light when we needed to be outdoors; we seemed to miss most of the crowds and crazy lines; we always seemed to find an open table.

Still, this is nothing compared to getting home from the Castle and Cave tour and walking into Ljulijana’s square only to see tons of booths that seemed to pop up overnight selling all kinds of gourmet burgers (well, mostly! there were alternatives like tasty tacos mixed in as well!)

This beer and burger festival was amazing and crowded but everything we tried was very worth the wait. There were small shops as well as chains represented, and everything from all grades of beef and alternative meat options alongside vegan and vegetarian substitutes.

Like all other things festival, just because there weren’t rides and games to spend money on, buying a whole range of burgers, tacos, and fries alongside the matching beers and wines will add up! Best solution? Pull out a specified amount of cash and stick to that budget!

We didn’t really use it, however, there is a brochure you get for free and it gives you some starter pairings between the food booths and beer booths. On the other hand, they had a whole social media network set up for you to tell them all about your own favorite pairings.

Now, this is more than just burgers: basically, when life throws opportunities to explore something unexpected – even just the chance to eat burgers of all kinds in a new city – do it!

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

When Timing Works: Burgerfest

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