Words of inspiration: Carpe Diem

While the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ can be both beloved and dreaded in the travel community – it is equally a call to arms and an overused ideal that people either want to kill or scream at every chance – what I am talking about is a book that inspired me to travel over a decade ago, but one that I think many may have missed out on: Autumn Cornwell’s 2007 debut novel, Carpe Diem.

I don’t want to go into to much detail on what the book is about – that’s what a google search is for – but in simplest terms: A type A, overachiever – Vasser, 16 years old – wants to stay home and study all summer, but instead gets whisked off on a crazy, trouble filled adventure across Southeast Asia.

I read this a decade ago and still when little things go wrong in any trip I take, this is the book that I can’t stop thinking of. Mostly, this is a scene almost half way through the book and is a fairly long running crisis where Vasser has some …. intestinal distress. This chronically instances from socks lost to toilets and how you try to explain this to cute fellow travelers to the worse possible places for vehicles to have bathrooms – waist-high boxes with circular openings that you must climb in a moving vehicle will always give me chills!

I love books and when an author can make me remember one specific scene and have perfect detail and emotional recall that always finds me when I am in similar situations, it is a book I want to keep around.

Carpe Diem was this book to me and I can never recommend it enough. I laughed, I hid, I fell in love and I was inspired to get out of my house and more than ever, make sure I was out in the world.

So go out there and bring your book and inspiration with you.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Words of inspiration: Carpe Diem

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