4 years on….

This week marks 4 years of writing…. and I can’t believe it. Honestly, I don’t know if I feel like I have been doing this for so much longer or so much shorter. But today, I want to review and go back to my first, fledgling of an idea.

There Be Dragons Ahead.

I have been writing for four years and all but the first few months, I haven’t missed a week.

I was 23 years old (almost 24); I had visited 9 countries across 4 contents; I had lived in 1 country; I felt that I had seen so much of the world and in some ways I had – in others, I had no idea and wouldn’t believe how far I have come.

Today, I am about to turn 27; I have visited and been blessed to explore 14 countries across 4 continents; I’ve lived in 2 countries; I’ve traveled completely alone and on my own dime; I fell like I have seen so much of the world and yet know almost nothing and have so much more to see; I am getting married and working on balancing my travel, my relationships, my career, and everything else I want to do in my life that I never thought possible.

It is crazy what life can do for someone in the span of 4 years.

Four years ago, when I talked about Dragons ahead – a reference to old maps that inferred that there was more of the world than they could map with their current scope of knowledge – I knew that there was more to learn, but I sit back and laugh now at how much I truly thought I knew.

Even back then, I had seen more of the world than most people I have met and in a greater abundance of situations – as an ambassador, as a large family trip, and small friends and family trips, purely as a tourists or with locals that could show you the behind-the-scenes versions of their towns.

So, There Be Dragons Ahead.

This has never felt more real. I have no idea what the future holds because every time I make a plan, God seems to laugh in my face. Soon enough, where I live will be dictated my the US government and army – I can’t plan that. Instead, my plan moving forward, I will grab that dragon and let it take me wherever it deems fit and necessary. And even though I would love to see the whole world and explore all of it’s wonders, I hope that for the rest of my life, there are still dragons ahead.

This is Leave on the Wind, (still) helping you soar.

4 years on….

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