New Favorite Travel Show.

Every Sunday, we sit in the living room working and letting a stream of travel shows fill the excess space. While each serves a purpose and entertains (while teaching) us, I have quickly fallen in love with Those Park Guys and Tremendous! Entertainment’s show Rock the Park. This show follows the two male hosts – Jack Steward and Colton Smith – around the US’s National Parks, highlighting all the beauty and fun out there to explore. These guys have a great dichotomy – they get along so that it’s like watching your best friends traveling together and they look a little like your stereotypical bros but with the best, most genuine personalities.

Growing up, my family took a lot of road trips which involved many stops through national parks and, as my sister is looking to go into park services, more and more road trips to national parks are on my mind. This is why I paid attention to this show and to watch these two gentlemen is to love them.

What drew me was the positive banter between Colton and Jack and the show’s candor about the truth of travel: that things go wrong.

One of the first episodes I watched saw the boys camping in a snowy region but Colton – who had been in charge of packing – brought the wrong tent poles which turned the overnight into a day trip. Instead of cutting and starting over the next day with new gear, they spoke frankly to the camera about how things go wrong and you have to figure it out – make the most of the situation.

In the most recent episode I watched in season 3, the boys and a park ranger from Carlsbad Caverns were exploring when the ranger got a bad feeling. They turned to leave only to find the way out flooded. In the end, they had to leave to camera high up in the caverns and slide on their back through the water – a rather tight looking fit – to get out before the cavern filled more. The ranger made the point – which all travelers should take to heart – that if you are exploring these kinds of areas and your gut is telling you something is wrong: don’t wait, just get out. I also loved the honesty this episode shows. Colton talked about how scary the situation was and the Park ranger simply said, “yes, it is” and kept them moving.

Not only is the bromance between these hosts amazing – I seriously could watch them all day – but the places they go and the way they approach each site has me making more and more lists of things and destinations I need to check out.

Who knows, maybe this summer. Until then, I suggest looking through their site which covers blogs, videos, and is a great base outside of the show and you can follow them across social media to fill the gaps between shows.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

New Favorite Travel Show.

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