My bucket list: US Cities Edition

With Marti Gras on the mind, I couldn’t think so a better time to put together my list of ‘haven’t made it yet’ bucket list cities for the United States. I’ve made a lot of lists from international cities to activities that I want to conquer, but I realized that despite having traveled all over the US, there are so many places I still want to hit.

Of course, my list is much, much bigger than what you will see here, but these are the one’s I’ve looked as that had tiny things that just drew me in. And as always, if there is somewhere else that I should really have in the running, let me know in the comments with what I should do and see there that makes the destination so worth the trip down in the comments!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Today of all days, I can’t leave this off my list. Yet, strangely enough, hitting this city at this time of year is pretty low on my to-do list. This is not to say the being in New Orleans to celebrate Marti Gras wouldn’t be fabulous, but I feel like there is so much to see that I would need to explore away from the crowds that flood the city this week. There is so much more to the culture of New Orleans than Marti Gras and that’s the side of the city that makes me want to get on a plane and just go. I ‘m not even going to start in on food and music…

Portland, Oregon

Can I just say: POWELL’S! Powell’s Books is a book nerd’s dream and the fact that I haven’t made it here yet hurts my heart. Besides books, you can explore light houses, get active on the water, and explore the unique art scene of this eclectic and growing city. If you wonder why Portland is on this list, just think about the fact that Portland almost always end up on lists of up-and-coming cities or cities young people are flocking to. Yes, I am ready and so is my camera!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When the first thing that came up when researching things to do in Pittsburgh is an amazing little house called The House Poem, a house that is covered in poems written in Chinese calligraphy, I am all in! Also, street art, Street Art, STREET ART! I have a deep love on street art from murals canvasing a city to the giant metal, architectural giants present in Pittsburgh, I just can’t help myself.

Providence, Rhode Island

Rivers and museums, and rivers and statues, and river and architecture, and rivers and parks! There are so many boat tours advertised here that I want to both go on and that I want to sit along the river bank photographing. If you have been paying attention, I love river walks and this isn’t limited to European cities. This doesn’t even touch on the historic aspects of the city which I wouldn’t pass up either.

Austin, Texas

Finally, our last city: Austin. Let’s be honest, Texas is a world of its own and Austin brings that and easy accessibility to travelers far and wide.Whether you are into arts, music, sports, or time sensitive events or festivals, there is a scene for everyone. Going through the entertainment districts alone in this city is impressive to the point that it’s hard to figure out what details I want to point out. What I will say is that Austin not only has an activity for everyone, but a venue for each activity that will fit what you and yours want to experience!

Of course, each description is a tiny snap shot of what the cities here have to offer and if you are going to be adding them to your itineraries, really research and get the most of what you want out of the visit. Again, if you have a suggestion to add or want to argue another city onto this list, tell me the whats and whys below in the comments.

Until next time,

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

My bucket list: US Cities Edition

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