To go or not to go…

And that is the question…

This weekend, I was down at LAX for the Doctor Who convention and my mom was finalizing her plans for her 30th anniversary trip with dad this summer. They will be going on a cruise (again) and I am so jealous. This year, they’ll be on a Scandinavian cruise which includes working through Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, and Germany.

Like seriously jealous!

And to top this all off, they are using Icelandic Airways which means they can stop one way up to a week in Iceland without any extra airfare – so of course, they are also stopping in Iceland for five days. If you haven’t been playing along, this is one of my top must get to locations.

Well, while mom was finalizing a few plans and I was bemoaning (mostly good humorously) the fact that I will be mostly stuck at home all over again, she looked up the cost of round trip flights for the days they will be in Iceland. As it turns out, WOW Airlines can get me a small personal item and carry-on (again really small but enough for 5 days) for a little less than $800.

Because mom and dad will be there and I would be part of their trip, $800 would be the total cost to me. If you don’t know, that is fabulous for a 5 day adventure and traveling with my parents is something I actually really love.

So, why am I asking a question practically out of Shakespeare rather than running around screaming, ‘shut up and take my money!’?

First, even if it is just the last five days of their trip, this is my parents 30th anniversary. I think they might need to have the trip to themselves even if they had one last year.

Next up, while $800 isn’t a lot when planning a trip, seeing as I’m a substitute teacher, paying off loans, looking for more permanent work (and therefore, with no idea when I’ll be able to take off when I do get a job), this is a lot of money for me to invest on an uncertain future. This might not normally be enough to stop me jumping on the plane – I’ve really, really missed traveling since moving home – but add in a few surrounding SCA events (though if a friend (or a few) of mine knew that was a consideration, he’d murder me) and other planning situations, and you have me hesitating.

My mom is an amazing trip planner – we always see amazing things and more than I ever would otherwise – but our expectations and needs for a trip to a place like Iceland is very different (kind of like our different needs for Hawaii). The trip doesn’t cross with the Northern Lights (though this could explain the cheaper flight out), and is thrown together to hit the big must sees rather than active moments.

Then there are my sisters. I’m one of four girls and, while I’m sure the pregnant one doesn’t want to spend her last month of pregnancy flying, just me going doesn’t feel like a fair shake. My oldest sister already voiced a desire to go if I was going to crash the trip and the youngest couldn’t afford it out of college.

With all of these – despite the con of having to foot a bigger bill if I’m doing the trip all by myself – uncertainties and timing issues, I’m leaning to a heartbreaking no. I’ll shelf it for a year or two and make the most out of what is possible closer to home.

Sometimes logic sucks, but it’s also all about the balancing act.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

To go or not to go…

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