Photography Post

So here are a few of my favorite pictures from my NorCal trip right before New Years. I enjoyed these places so much and just wanted a quick shout out. You can always find more on my Flickr.


While the above is not really a tourist location that I can send you all to, this is my cousins’ house out in wine country. I love the area around their house. There are so many different features like this horned gate and rusted old cars that speaks so much to my ‘forgotten places’ aesthetic and really works here. It also helped that we were here in winter so the plant life was working very well for me.


This was on the left side of the buffs (and Point) near Bodega Bay. This was from the second day of the trip and I loved the color contrast. Climbing around the varied rock faces to get these rocks was so much fun.


I can’t tell you how many images of this girl out on the floating rock I have but she was mesmerizing. This might be my favorite shot of her. She’s such a still force in the wake of all the visibly mobile water. It still has me wondering how she managed to get out to her perch – there really was no direct path even if she’d been there at a lower tide!


On our day out, we stopped on the right side (going into the city) of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’d never gone up the side road, along the coastal mountains but the views were breathtaking. Of course, it was crazy trying to find a spot but it does seem to get easier the further up you go.


I love the Ghirardelli factory and always have. I have so many memories from the city and a stop at the factory was always the best part. While it can get busy here, it never feels like I have had a successful trip unless I climb up the long hill.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Photography Post

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