On Leaving your Pets….

Two weekends ago, my sister and her family went on a three day getaway for a friend’s wedding up in San Francisco. Because of the time it takes to get up there and dealing with traveling with a baby, my sister asked me to take their Mini-Aussie to a dog hotel after work so he could get some socialization and attention while they were on the trip – usually the dog would be left with a family friend with dogs but Char had been having a few issues with accidents in the apartment which she didn’t want to deal with at someone else’s house.

My sister had everything in order: a file with all the dog’s vet details, a bag of food, his leash, and some clean up bags. She texted me the location of the hotel and any other details that might have been relevant. The planning was almost perfect – almost.

My little sister and I took the dog down to the drop off right after I finished my workday and the ladies there were lovely. They test your dog to make sure they can handle staying with other dogs and that they will listen to workers, among other things – Char can do all this with little issues.

We hit the snag when the woman checking out Char’s medical records discovered that his Bordetella vaccine had just expired. We called the vet to confirm it and it was true – and, unfortunately, no vaccine means no puppy hotel. This vaccine is major if you are going to be boarding your dog and there are three ways it can be administered: orally or nasally which take three days to take effect, or by injection which means a 10 day wait time.

Since they were only gone three days, this wasn’t something I was going to deal with.

In the end, I stayed at there house and watched the dog for the three days which, at least, gave the dog company. My sister did send us there code for food delivery as a thank you and I counted to as another bit of the family’s Christmas gift.

So here’s the key: just like you should check your car before setting out on a road trip, you should double check every bit of your pet’s records and decide if you should get everything checked out just in case. It will not only give you peace of mind but help out any friends working to help you out.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

On Leaving your Pets….

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