Managing Expectations.

The Point, Bodega Bay, California. December 2016.

While I, admittedly, have not always been one for speed while traveling, the trip I talked about last week really showed me that I have become accustomed to setting my own pace and how suddenly not being in control of said speed can throw me off completely.

The main reason for this most recent trip was so that my grandmother could visit with family – mostly her brother who lives further away than she would normally travel. It was post-Christmas and landed on her birthday as well, so the whole trip was really about her, however, she made it clear throughout that when it can to picking activities, my sister and I were in charge. That was great for me. I took a few suggestions and did my research about what to do in the area that I hadn’t done when I lived there, while giving – what I thought was – plenty of free time for visiting and enjoying the vacation.

What I didn’t know when planning, however, was how slow moving my grandmother has become. This is the grandma who I have been on countless trips set at breakneck speeds at and who still goes on plenty of  trips throughout the year so the idea that this would be an issue was far from my mind – at the very most, I figured she’d slow down as the day progressed but would start out fine.

As I mentioned last week, this was not the case. Working from home, she doesn’t get up normally until about 10 am but for me, when traveling I wake up earlier than normal to get the most out of my day (my body woke me up at about 6 or 6.30 every morning during this trip). Not the case for grandma. She meandered down at 10 or 10.30 every morning before getting breakfast and settled to figure out what the day should entail.

I’m not complaining – this trip was about her and we did manage to get many new experiences in. It has made me analyse, however, myself as a traveler and how I’ve learned to react to people who don’t have my stamina even when unexpected.

For me, stuck in situations like this – it’s hard to just bolt when family is involved! – are two real options: get frustrated and shut down, or manage your expectations.

You can guess which one I recommend.

This trip was all about managing expectations once I figured out the speed at which everything was going to be. As discussed before, late starts and slow walkers meant no hiking and a shorter time frame to see things, but thinking back and looking at all my pictures, we were able to all spend time together, see a lot of new sites, have new experiences, and no one was left out or left behind. Instead of being frustrated, I opted to make a list of things I want to go back and explore more when I go north again – bring on all the coastal hikes.

As with everything in travel, you get out what you put in and that ranges from time to the attitude you approach every day with.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Managing Expectations.

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