Notes From the Road

I have never claimed to be a travel expert – in fact, more often than not I’ve made it very clear that despite all my advice, I’m one who makes consistent rookie mistakes.

Well, we are back on the road exploring my old haunts but this time flanked by my baby sister (yes, baby at 22) and grandma. My grandma was really on top of everything; she fleshed out the sleeping arrangements, organized with the family we’re staying with, bought the snacks and waters, and made sure the car we were driving was completely checked out before we set out early yesterday morning (an important step in road-tripping I always forget to mention!).

So, with all of that taken care of, and what could possibly have gone wrong to warrant my non-expert warning in the opening of this post?

Sometimes real life messes with you and that is all there is to it. We started our trip on Boxing Day (December 26) after spending the week leading up to Christmas running around on errand after errand and from family to family. School only let out on the Wednesday leading up to Christmas and running around trying to perp for that distracted me from one of my big trip steps: Christmas evening became laundry time.

To clarify, I had three loads and a washing machine that is pretty good at it’s job (normally). However, when I went to move load two from washer to dryer, the clothes were still dry – something went very wrong. I restarted the cycle but suddenly three loads, which to wash and dry would normally take me 4 hours, weren’t finished for seven and a half hours. With packing, I finally climbed into bed at 2 am (with a wake up time of 6.30).

Still, tired and cold, I got up in good spirits and headed out.

Usually, when I make the trip from my house to Sonoma, I drive straight through and get up here in about six and a half hours. But remember when I talked about knowing who you are traveling with as much as the when? Yes, six and a half hours was a pipe dream.

We were 2 hours into the drive when grandma asked if we were ready for breakfast (seeming to imply that she was). When we settled on a restaurant with a reasonable wait time, I never imagined us eating and talking for an hour and a half (we did) so by the time we got back on the road, holiday traffic had caught up to us.

When I’ve road tripped in the past, one way I always saved time by timing a quick bite to coincide with stopping for gas; now, however, we were definitely not timing anything.

Which leads to one event no one could predict – an accident 20 miles up that took 2 hours to get through. Add in one more bathroom stop wth a gas-up and driving through the unlit woods above Sonoma in the dark, and out 7 hour drive was an all day event; totaling closer to 10 hours and some change.

Still, we made it and are ready and able to go. So, until next time:

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar

Notes From the Road

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