New Favorite Travel Logger: Travel Story.

As I have sated a fair amount recently, I’m traveling very rarely right now (though there are a few plans in the works); instead, I’ve been getting organized.

My dad found and share the app Travel Story (the icon has a red location bubble over a pair of footprints) with me and I am loving it.

This app is free and really simple to use. There are multiple ways of looking through your log and tons of space for notes all about your travels and dates.

To start out (after creating your login), search whatever city you want to mark out and a pin will appear. Tap the pin and you can add pictures and notes. Hit the list icon along the bottom bar and you can change the date (I like to make it the arrival date for that city) by tapping on the calendar icon – if you just tap the bar, you will end up in your note section for the city.

Right now – again, not traveling! – I’m just working on my backlog from 1992 to 2016 and that’s a lot of travel. I’ve been around the world a few times with multiple visits to quite a few of those cities, and around the US more than that. Working on a backlog spanning across 24 years is quite an ordeal, but there are plenty of reasons to do this.

Before I moved to London back in September of 2014, I had to do a lot of digging for a decade’s worth of international travel – locations and dates of said travel. A decade ago, I wasn’t on Facebook or any other social media – did they even exist back then? – so it was a lot of digging through old pictures and journals. Having this app with a data log at my fingertips will be so much easier if I need to get away (which plenty of us have reason to do currently!).

I’m also hoping that getting my travels in order in this app (and in my brain!) will help me recall stories and give me more to talk to all of you about here (I feel like I’ve barely hit on Australia or Japan and those were so long ago!).

If you are not backlogging but using the app while out traveling, you can take pictures as you go with notes to go along with it. Everything will still fresh and your dates will already line up without all the extra work.

Mostly, I’ve been loving this app because, looking at my list, it feels like I am looking at the story of my life. Travel teaches you so much about the world and about yourself so seeing where you were when you did something (I got rid of my bottle and crib in London, October of 1992!) can show you a lot about yourself.

Finally, I like that this is private. Unlike posting on Instagram or Facebook, these notes are all for you (at least, I’ve yet to see where you can link your profile with anyone else), so you don’t have to worry about showing the best highs and lows or what you think will interest people the most. Instead, you can write down the most mundane or personal parts of your trip without feeling like you have anything to prove or anyone to entertain.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

New Favorite Travel Logger: Travel Story.

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