Sorry, it’s a wander.

This week – really today – I am struggling to get myself motivated. Between a long few months with crazy kids (none mine), the US election (for which I fear having to deal with children tomorrow), and the rest of my adult life that’s not falling into place, the week is a bit of a dud.

This doesn’t mean I am not thinking and dreaming about traveling – I’m thinking of pretty much nothing else.

It’s almost the one year anniversary of moving back home from London (a long hard year after the most magical year and a half of my life – take me back!) which can be perfectly summed up in this post from one of my new favorite travel blogs.

It’s all made so much worse by the need to become an adult now.

I was in London for my master’s degree which involved taking on a lot of debt – I recently calculated what I have paid back in the last months and realized I could have paid for an amazing road trip with the tiny parts that have gone back to the loan companies.

On the other half of my mind, I have tons of SCA – Society for Creative Anachronisms -based travels calling out to my travel gene.

While this is tempered by small events that range from 45 minutes to a few hours away, it has me craving farther historical locals. I play with a Viking persona so anytime I belt up my apron dress, I long to venture the Nordics.

Then our upcoming royalty has changed to Romans so events are beginning to shift to Ancient Roman and Grecian themes – I’ll be planning an event with another friend which is leaning toward an ancient Greece/Titans theme that will be happening in a few months. This is only making me long for out of the way (or even city center) ruins and beautiful columned architecture.

So here I am, wandering. And yes, trying to escape the crazy. Go out, explore, and hope the world stays in one piece when I wake up.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Sorry, it’s a wander.

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