Top Three Dream Locals…

… ie. all my (I hope) future travel stops.

All of these are single countries that I haven’t hit yet, but pretty desperately want to. I usually do longer list but I feel like have small grouping of three concrete locations – rather than regions – lets you really take a closer at what you want to do and see in your travels (unfortunately, I think this list changes weekly!).

So without further ado:

1. Spain:

I’ve had a love for Spanish architecture since studying the cultural chapters during my high school Spanish class days. Add in the tomato festival (ie the biggest tomato fight in the world) and its closeness to international friends, and I am pretty much ready to sign on. My biggest goal before setting out, however, is wanting to review and increase my language skills before making the trip. For me, I know just enough to be annoyed when I can’t communicate or navigate with local signage.

2. Greece:

As I think I have mentioned before, Greece is where my family has set as a goal for when all four of us kids are gainfully and stably employed (pretty tough considering some of our career paths!). As a photographer, everything I have seen in Greece is pretty picturesque. While I know there are many reasons why people are skeptical or worried about heading into this area, I just want to go so badly! A summer off by the beach or rock-faced cliffs – I feel like I could balance out some relaxation and active activities and enjoy myself to no end.

3. Greenland:

This last local is definitely SCA inspired. My persona is Viking-esque, which is also true for a great number of my friends. Said friends have been linking pictures of Greenland as well as the other Nordic countries all over my social media. While I definitely need to hit this whole region, Greenland has easily made the top of the list. Every picture is beautiful and the country is diverse in terms of what you can do, making this a very easy choice.

So, that’s my list (for now!), but I would love to hear yours. Remember, keep it small and specific and challenge yourself away from places you have already been – no matter how they may pull at your heartstrings!

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Top Three Dream Locals…

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