My Top Travel Regret.

I’ll be honest, I try not to regret any of my experiences when traveling. Whether a kindness leads to a lost phone, inexperience means that I don’t take every opportunity, or a misread timetable leads to a long day of waiting for plans to work themselves out, I try my hardest to find something that makes those decisions worth it.

This can be anything from a lesson learned or a positive alternative, but no matter what spin I turn on some of the darker parts of traveling, there will always remain the dark cloud within the silver lining.

Of all these darker travel moments, I think that skipping the day trip to Pompeii is probably the one I will always regret most.

In all fairness, this was a 3 week, fast paced excursion with my grandparents, 4 cousins, an aunt, and one sister touring most of Italy jammed inside of a hot van. I was also a 12 year old girl who liked her space and privacy, not to mention sleep.

Pompeii day was about two-thirds of the way through the trip and most of us were at an absolute breaking point. The hotel we were staying at was absolutely beautiful and had a gorgeous view right from the swimming pool – paradise.

So, instead of going to Pompeii, all but three of our party stayed at the hotel, lounging at the pool and having a good lie in – all together a fantastic relaxing day which recharged me for the last third of the trip.

Since then, I have seen museum exhibitions of Pompeii’s artifacts and read about it’s history; I have seen images and history channel (and Doctor Who) clips which showed the devastation. Now thirteen years later, I am ticked at younger me for not getting up and getting my butt in gear.

While the day off from the travel grind my family set in close quarters recharged me, having missed this incredible site plagues me much more in the long term.

This regret hasn’t stopped me though. My best friend is half Italian and most of her family still lives in Italy. In a year or two when we have both saved enough, I’m hoping to plan a special friend-cation for us around Italy (and maybe into Spain) and Pompeii will be seriously high on that list.

So there you have it, my biggest travel ‘I wish I had’ moments. Let me know what yours is below as well as any way you are looking to correct it!

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

My Top Travel Regret.

3 thoughts on “My Top Travel Regret.

  1. My biggest travel regrets is letting my family hold me back. I take a lot of family trips and we all like different things so sometimes it’s hard to convince them to do something fun. For example, during my first trip to Tokyo, Japan, we all went to bed at 5pm almost every night because my family wasn’t feeling adventurous.

    1. That is definitely a big one! I’m part of a family of 6 (now 8 with a brother-in-law and a niece) and we still try and do trips together so I feel that pain. I hope now that you are older you are getting to push back a little – some of my best adventures were getting to strike out on my own even if my travel companions called it way to early!

      Also you said your first trip; did you get to do more when you went back (try correcting the regret)? Japan is definitely on my must visit again list.

  2. I did do a little more exploring the second time aroud! I plan to go again but with friends so we’re all running at the same pace. Tokyo is super overwhelming but I love it regardless!

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