5 Things You’d Never Think to Pack…

But will totally want to!

One shot from a long climb day. Neuschwanstein Castle. July 2015.

As I have mentioned, a good chunk of my family has just come back from traveling through Europe and the UK for the past month and with their arrival comes a whole new set of insights and advice to pass on to all of you.

I asked my mom this time around what the biggest thing she learned from this trip (she has traveled many place for work throughout her career for a varied length of time, but this month was probably the longest, active trip for her) and she gave me this list of easy to pack items that she really wished she had available everyday of her trip.

1. Cinch backpack

This is one of those cheap drawstring backpacks you can pick up pretty much everywhere. The reason we recommend these so much is you can really easily pack one (or more) in your bigger travel backpack – along with books, computers, ect. – but then take just the essentials with you – like a jacket – on longer travel days without having to pack and unpack constantly.

2. Footbath tub

When you are running around constantly, the one part of your body that really takes a beating is your feet. Unfortunately, not all hotels (or wherever you rest your head for the night) have bathtubs to soak your feet in. While you can climb up on a bathroom counter or sleep with your feet elevated to help you out, bringing a small tub is a lot easier (and safer) and won’t really effect your packing. Whether you decide to bring a plastic tub – easily packed in a larger suitcase without messing up you  ability to pack because you can pack clothes into it – or an inflatable one – you’ll have to blow it up every time but easily folds into any case – you’ll be able to soak your tired feet without worrying about being stranded in a bathroom (or falling off any counters) and feel ready to go the next day!

3. Collapsible hiking/walking stick

This one falls a little more into the older groups’ ‘needs to bring’ set but there are definite times when even those of us in the younger crowd can use one of these handy sticks. Whether you are going on actual travel hikes, long walks through hilly country or city, or (more specifically) church and castle tours across Europe, too many hills no matter your age can get to you and – as with all things – once you feel like you need one, you won’t be able to find one to buy. The collapsible stick is the best because it will fit in your drawstring day bag and is otherwise simple practical.

4. Personal fan and/or spray bottle

A lot of European buildings do not have central air and as everywhere seems to get hotter and hotter, this can cause some seriously uncomfortable nights – and days walking around too. if you bring a small spray bottle or fan you’ll be able to get a bit of relief especially if your fan can be on and set in front of an ice bucket over night – this will cool the air even more!

5. Single bed sheet

A good percentage of people -at least, the people I know – can’t seem to sleep without some kind of blanket on top of them but many place around the world don’t do much in the way of sheets; instead, they have the bed cover and the duvet. But, as stated earlier, as the temperatures rise, the more uncomfortable those duvets become. So packing a single sheet in with your clothes is easy and light but can seriously increase your comfort.

*Just one word to the wise: if you are having your room made up, pack up your sheet so it doesn’t get mixed in with the hotels laundry.


So that’s the list and, personally, I cannot wait for my chance to use all of these options! But until then:

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

5 Things You’d Never Think to Pack…

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