How Do You Document Your Travels?

And I’m talking all forms from digital to physical and where you keep them.

A sneak peak at my travels on instagram – London. December 2015.

While we all love the act of traveling – getting to walk around new places, eat new foods, learn what we can of new languages and cultures – what we do to share those experiences, whether immediately or once we get home, can be just as important to us – or our families – as getting to go out and play. For each of us, how and where we store and share the evidence of our adventures varies.

Obviously, I have this blog to chart out my bigger stories and add in my two-cents about anything and everything that I come into contact with. Otherwise, my biggest – and most frequent – place to show off my travels happens on my Instagram account.

For me, Instagram is the quickest and easiest way to post about all my goings-on. I can post up single images or collages up while on the move with short hashtags and comments. I can also simultaneously have these images post across similar social media sites. Even if I post once I get in for the night while traveling – to use WiFi rather than preciously sparse data – the app is so easy to use with so many kinds of applications that it’s an amazingly easy go-to for up to the minute travel updates.

For digital files, my mom is a complete Facebook nut – she really isn’t online anywhere else. People back home always love when she travels with us because she’s a compulsive poster. Every night or two on a trip, she sits up and organizes a huge summary and sets of pictures to keep everyone at home (yet follow along) with us step by step. For her, Facebook lets her tag everyone and share the post information with all the people in her life. Every post she sends out ends up comments from so many people talking about how they feel like they are traveling with us.

In saying this, I do not mean to imply that I don’t also post about my travels on FB. It just takes me days – okay, more like weeks or months – to get around to really picking my favorite albums to post about. Yea, I’m much better at instagram.

My father is huge on pictures – he used to be a professional photographer before becoming a stay-at-home-dad to four girls (then a teacher) – which he perfects and tags before uploading anywhere, so he’s huge on Flicker and other photo-blog sites.

My other big piece of travel memorabilia is never throwing anything away, at least while on the road. I’ve collected boxes of museum tickets, play bills, travel stubs, and (yes) even developed pictures (and so much more!) from everywhere I’ve managed to get to. So while they currently are sitting in cases around my room, I’m planning on creating display shadowboxes which will show off my favorite moments (you know, once I can afford a place of my own to decorate!).

So, that’s me and mine, but I really want to know: how do you guys document and showcase your travels?

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

How Do You Document Your Travels?

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