10 Cool Things I Want to Try….

…. but haven’t yet.

The view from Arthur’s Seat. Edinburgh, Scotland. August 2015.

I’ve been lucky enough to go to many places in my life and do incredible things when in them; still there are many more places I’d love to visit with more than a few of them stemming from what I want to do when visiting them.

I’ve recently taken to running – a lot – and being active is now a huge part of my life (I’ll be touching on this in my Lifestyle post on Thursday) and, therefore, a big part of my bucket list when traveling.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have a huge bucket list all about places I need to go in order to see things – for example, The Northern Lights (giant yes!) – but this list is all about an activity to do – some more active than others.

1.Camp on Great Wall of China: I recently read that you can not only walk the Great Wall but bring a tent and stay overnight! I don’t know all of the rule associated with this, but if (when) I manage to get to China and walk on the wall, I would – knowing this – definitely look into camping out.

2. Camp in abandoned castles of Ireland: When I found out that you could go and camp inside abandoned castles in Ireland – and there are plenty of them! – and told my sister who I was with there, she was ticked! We had no idea that you could do this but now it’s on our bucket list. I really recommend doing research beforehand to find out which castles you can stay in but also looking at weather patterns. Ireland is wet and you do not want to get caught in a cold castle if weather is sketchy.

3. World’s largest tomato fight in Bunol (near Valencia), Spain: I’m 90% certain I’ve mentioned this stop before, but I so want to go! To avoid overly repeating myself, once a year in Bunol, a tiny Spanish town, thousands descend for the La Tomatina festival. This is the largest tomato fight in the world in celebration of a larger tomato festival. When I finally decide to take this plunge, I’ll starting to plan 2 to 3 years ahead of heading out – this town is tiny and fills up fast!

4. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia: I’ve been so close to this one and 12 years later am kicking myself for it. I touched the water from the boat but due to a stomach issue, I wasn’t able to dive. Yea, I’m very upset with myself.

5. …and climb across the Sydney Harbour Bridge (also Australia): Again, this was a stop I missed in my Australian tour. I was in Australia with a student group and while the experience was amazing – farm and house stays, special access to the opera house and an aquarium sleepover (to name a few things) – getting 40 of us students to climb the bridge was just not happening.

6. Float a lantern at the Yi Peng Festival in Thailand:  If you know anything about these festivals, you’ll know I am not taking about the real one. This festival has a real cultural and spiritual meaning in Thialand, so the first floating is restricted. A few days later, they have a second ceremony for visitors to release lanterns of their own.

7. Jump around in one of Iceland’s many natural hot springs: Iceland has many natural hot springs and I think it would be fun to go out and hike and then jump into one of the less manufactured ones. This may also be an excuse to get out to Iceland, but either way, these look amazing!

8. and speaking of jumping in water, take a swim in the Dead Sea: Surrounded by Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank, the dead sea is one of those famous places that everyone knows something about. Between the legendary healing properties – not to mention the history surrounding it – this is one soak you would not want to miss. Also, I played waterpolo and know how nice it is to swim in saltwater pools, so taking a few strokes (for science, right?)? Yes, I will.

9. Hike Machu Picchu in Peru: This one is pretty much on any adventurer’s list and if you’ve seen the pictures, you know why. It’s a challenge with a reward of stunning sights not only of the buildings but the views surrounding the peaks.

10. Revisit Hawaii for a fully active vacation: For this last one, I’m keeping it broad. Hawaii can really go two ways depending on how you vacation: relaxing in the sun or taking advantage of all the activities at your finger tips. My family has a timeshare here – which sadly we’ve only used (in this location) once – so we had a pretty leisurely trip. We did so some active days hiking up mountains, swimming in lakes, zip-lining, and paddle boarding, but there was so much more I wanted to do. Also, now that I’m in better shape, going full out would be so much fun!

So there you have it, my active travel list. I’m sure with more research I’d have tons more and I would love suggestions of active travel or fun activities, but until next time:

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.


10 Cool Things I Want to Try….

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