Needing to feel wind in my hair…

…and wheels under me feet.

Growing up, my family was never one for sitting still. By the time I graduated middle school, I’d already visited four countries and road tripped across the both coasts of the US multiple times. In recent years, I’ve been lucky enough to live in another country, which has granted me access to many quick trips across continents – trips I would never give up.

However, despite all my trips and the others I have been looking forward to do – and trust me there are many – I have quite a longing for hours and hours in a car with good music, a few cartons of junk food, and a good friend (or two).

I haven’t had a proper road trip in about eleven or twelve years – not including the repetitive 6 hour trek up to college and back home. Each of these trips were completely packed with stops – try hitting 1o national parks in the span of 3 days! – and as a 9 to 13 year old (around the time these road trips took place), this means a grumpy back seat.

As one of four girls scattered across a six year age span, this meant a crowded car, constant fights over the radio/CD, early mornings, no breaks, and breakneck speeds between too many stops with too much information to swallow.

Now that I’m older with access to a car that I’m able to drive, I’d love to repeat these stateline crossing adventures, setting my own stops and pace. I’m pretty sure I’d hit some oldies-but-goodies – four corners and Grand Canyon, just two name a couple along my current side of the US.

My father and I have been talking about a short road trip out to the desert and the Death Valley area for a photography road trip.

But until I manage it, here’s to travel-pangs!

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar,

Needing to feel wind in my hair…

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