2 weeks, 7 planes.

Making things as easy as possible: pack a carry on!

Framing Independence. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. January 2016.

These last few weeks have been crazy moving from Los Angeles to London, Cardiff, Paris and back before shooting back and forth from Philadelphia.

While the long flight to and from London was straight, Philadelphia was layover after layover. I don’t mind layovers but when they’re no longer than an hour between, even in small airports, you don’t want to risk loosing your luggage, especially on a business trip.

So my biggest bit of advice: pack a backpack and a carry on and make that work.

While it is a bit annoying to carry both bags with you, rather than a single backpack, loosing luggage for short trips (or even slightly longer ones) are completely out of the question.

I’ve already written about packing for weeks at a time with as little as possible, but I never thought I’d manage it packing for business and the cold. For me, I managed a pair of jeans, trousers, leggings, three sweaters, a few shirts, a pair of work shoes and a purse all in a suitcase smaller than the requisite dimensions.

It’s all about HOW you pack it all.

I rolled everything, stored a good chunk of rolled sweaters in the purse, and undies in the shoes that fit easily in my backpack. As long as you can eventually get an iron, you’ll be fine.

So, pack well, travel smart, and until next week:

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

2 weeks, 7 planes.

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