The Fable, London….

A book-nerd AND foodie paradise.

Sorry it’s a little blurry! The Fable, London. January 2016.

I’m back in London!

Okay, well I was. This week is quite hectic – well, the next two week really. This week I’m graduating with my master’s degree (today in London) after spending a day in Cardiff and (re)wandering my old London haunts. Now I’m writing from a Paris-bound train for a four day stop over. Then it’s home to LA for a day before flying back east for three(!) job interviews.

I’m tired just typing that!

Anyway, on to the books and food:

Last time I left London (a month ago), I was a bit disappointed that I never managed to hit any of the amazing looking bookstore bars listed on Chelsey Pippen’s Buzzfeed article.  While a good chunk of these were hard/impossible to hit due to distance, timing, or inaccessible to the public (private clubs with higher pay-ins than I am ever expecting to be able to shell out), I was over the moon to be able to hit the trendy and book themed The Fable Bar and Grill. Absolutely everything about this location has me raving!

There are three levels to this space – the upper floor bar, the middle floor which looked like an event space, and the lowest level which serves as the grill and where book nerds will want to spend most of their time.

Pictured here and on the gallery portion of the site, Fable houses some awesome décor which surrounds you while you get to dine on beautifully crafted dishes.

IMG_8206.JPGWe entered the top-most floor and took the inner stairs down to the grill following this whimsical neon sign, ready to be Alice once again whisked down the rabbit hole.

As we were dinning early on a Monday, there wasn’t a crowd but they do recommend making a reservation just in case. The site has a reservation form online which is easy to complete but you should call ahead at least the morning of or day before depending on which meal you are looking for as sometimes thee forms don’t make it through – this happens everywhere, of course, so nothing against Fable.

IMG_8210 (2).JPGWe were tempted to cuddle into the amazing book nook – who wouldn’t! – but decided to save it for a larger group,opting for one of the tables near the windows so we could people watch.

The food was amazing – tasty and well portioned for every dish we ordered. I got the butternut squash risotto followed by a brownie a la mode and was more than happy with both the price and that ‘just right’ full feeling.

You should definitely read all of the menus including the descriptions because there are some truly awesome details and titles in there. Even If you don’t drink, the drink menu is well worth the gander – like the “Winter is Coming” cocktail and the Tipsy Affogato, an alcoholic pour-over coffee dessert which is presented in a pair of tea cups!

The whole look of the grill begs for pictures and, as long as you are respectful of servers and other diners, the staff won’t say anything about you taking a quick wander around the dining room for a few pictures – as long as you are a customer obviously! In fact, all of the staff we talked to while wandering and eating were awesome.

This is one stop in London I would recommend to anyone, but to book-nerds in particular. It’s a treat that you can go to over and over again!

But that’s all the raving I can do for now, so below I’ll add in any last pictures as they say so much more than I ever could and until next week,

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

The Fable, London….

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