The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles….

Not really (or not yet and hopefully it won’t be) but isn’t that a catchy name?

Whole gallery. Los Angeles, California. January 2016.

This past weekend my dad (FINALLY!) drove us down into the city to visit one of the most amazing bookstores I have ever seen (and I’ve gone to quite a few): The Last Bookstore.

This bookstore, located at 5th and Spring in downtown LA, is a large two story building which, beyond just selling books, houses small art boutiques and other varied nooks.

What I loved about this building’s construction is it’s not built like a regular two story shop. Rather, you have a first story which for the most part looks like your average bookstore – there are books lined up on rows of bookcases, but the second floor has a balcony view down to the shopping floor. This second floor houses the boutiques as well as a book section called “The Labyrinth”.

The Labyrinth is made up of sci-fi and fantasy books (as well as other related genres), then the “decorative books” which are colorful books which you wouldn’t read but look fun on the shelves. This floor made me feel like Alice lost in a wonderful Wonderland of books. They were configured in an enclosed hallway as well as a looking glass (aka a nice book frame perfect for getting your picture taken through). The stacks on this level a staggered rather than organized rows which leads the search for your next read to fell like an adventure all your own, wandering through this labyrinth.

Within the labyrinth is also one of the stores many themed nooks—the horror nook. The door to this section is a vault door!

There are a range of book nooks organized by genre with fun labels done up in creative ways, making these sections so much fun. A few of these include the graphic novel and rare book sections. The main stacks also have fun shelf labels (though I can’t name any for the life of me) as well as great section signs which are hung from pipe rails. I loved the industrial designs contrast with the Grecian/Roman pillars.

The stairs up to the second floor, as well as a few other places throughout, have book and paper themed art littering the walls and almost everything is free for you to photograph (some of the galleries ask you not to for obvious reasons). I love the large Mammoth head mounted on one wall off set by twinkle lights hanging above on the second store railing. Let’s not forget the checkout desk which is designed to look like a huge stack of books!

This whole store is so eclectic! I just wanted to live here!

There are also couches and armchairs on both levels which you can stop and take a break at, however, they ask that you don’t take a nap or use the space as a library, again for obvious reasons (it’s still a store!).

This is another cool bookstore which offers to purchase your good condition, used books so you can come prepared! You will also have to check bags and show your receipt when leaving but it’s all worth the hours you can spend here.

This is an amazing store which brings in a lot of people both interested in shopping and in exploring and taking pictures, and both are accepted. My final plea if you do get the chance to visit is to purchase at least on book and help keep The Last Bookstore running—it really is a treasure worth keeping around!

All in all, I’m a happy book nerd!

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Ps. here’s a gallery of pictures from our adventure!

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles….

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