Life in London…

After a year and a half of wandering.

Along the Thames. London, UK. May 2015.

A few weeks before leaving London, a friend of mine – who was new to London – asked for me to write up some bits of advice and the links to information I used to navigate the area while living there. It’s taken me a while to get this all together — what with moving and all — and while bits and pieces of all this are scattered throughout my posts, I figured a master list wouldn’t be far off (though these will be written up as a two part list which will keep these posts short).

This week, I’ll focus on some highlights on living and exploring London itself.

What I loved about living in central London through most of my time here was knowing you could step outside, pick a direction and just walk. There is such a large variety of areas all with their own flavors and sites, so you’re bound to find something of interest.

Once I moved to the outer regions of the city, this was definitely harder. That’s the point where I really started looking through the lists I’ll be linking below to make much more defined plans for trips into the city.

From lists of many activities for the smallest of budgets to looking through to a variation of long walks through picturesque but out of the way green spaces to longer site-heavy central London walks, Buzzfeed is a surprisingly great portal for finding out how London may spoil you for anywhere else.

While England is not known for their food, there are many markets (which you should google or stumble upon) with everything from crafts to food to vintage wares to explore and a huge pub culture which begs to be discovered. But don’t be put off by crowds standing around in the early afternoon, already a beer or two in: this is London.

Another stop I wasn’t able to hit but is on my list in a big way is the variety of bookstore/library bars. Drinking and books? This I can get behind. Just be wary while planning; a few of these mentioned are members only!

Besides just a places to explore, London is huge in terms of shows and this spans much further than the famed west end. There are always great shows going on and many vendors which sell discounted tickets. A friend of mine (working in and writing her  dissertation on theatres) recommended this link for advice on getting great deals if you are young and/or a student which always helps.

In terms of shows, I loved Bend it like Beckham but my absolute favorite was Alice Underground which I have written about before. I went to this interactive show twice, following two of its storylines and absolutely loved every moment of it. If you are old enough to drink, for 5 GBP you can get a drink at the tea party (a choice between two wines and a cucumber vodka drink).

During my time in London, I think I explored almost every area across the city and I can attest to how much there is to do here, no matter your budget. Next time, I’ll layout some of my ground rules as well as pros and cons for quick trips out from the city, but just for now:

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Life in London…

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