Last Green Spaces…

at least for this trip.

Conservatory in the garden. Chiswick House, London. December 2015.

Last week, I promised to finish up the post topic covering green spaces in western London. Now I honestly wish I had time to hit Kew Gardens, which seems really worth the trip with has a varied array of programming throughout the year, however, my schedule and weather have conspired against me.

Still, yesterday I managed to sneak out in the morning before a late work function to see two final green spaces: Chiswick House and Gardens and Gunnersbury Park.

Overall, this trip only took about 5 hours including travel to and between locations and, truth be told, travel took most of the trip.

Chiswick House and Gardens

Chiswick House, London. December 2015.

I chose this spot because of the pictures in this buzzfeed list (where I heard of most of the green space locations I’ve visited these past months.) It is just as lovely as the pictures.

Again, since its winter, things are a bit thinner all over, but it’s a lovely area with sights made for pictures (there are literal frames and posted cards explaining the sites viewed through them well worth the reading).

The house is closed for winter so in all the walk took little over an hour, wandering through the park.

My favorite spot was the conservatory which was great for pictures, though it is small.

If you want a longer stay, I’d recommend coming in summer when you can take a day to hang out and view the house.

The walk between these two parks is about 45 minutes and is relatively straight forward. If you go from Chiswick to Gunnersbury like I did, make sure you are on the left side of the street otherwise you’ll have a further walk and stairs to get into the park.

Gunnersbury Park

Standing ruins. Gunnersbury Park. December 2015.

The park is great if you are looking for a space to play football or other field games or go putting around the green, however, in its current state, photo junkies like me may as well skip it.

The whole park is basically under construction, or at least 95% of anything you’d want to photograph. The main website talks about the museum being closed for construction, but it is so much bigger than I could have imagined.

Once all the construction is done, this park should be an absolutely beautiful place to shoot, but for now, its a walk through flat grass.

Summing up the two days in the western greens:

Knowing what I know now, I’d say you can hit all of these spots in one day in spring or summer when their hours are longer if you do a lot less wandering (or getting lost) than I did.

My other recommendation is looking at a two day trip adding a few more stops, like those I mentioned last week as well as Syon Park.

But that’s all from me while out here living in London. I’ve loved it all and hope you have as well.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.



Last Green Spaces…

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