A Walk Through a (London) Yellow Wood…

And a few other fantastic London sights.

Statues in York House Gardens. York House, London. December 2015.

With two weeks left living here in London, I have begun to explore my last bit of green spots marked out on the map between London proper and Heathrow airport.  This covers Twickenham and Richmond (two areas I will dream of affording after my wander!!), along the river ways through Isleworth, over to Brentford and Chiswick.

This week I’ll be looking at my first day wander-through which covered Twickenham, Richmond and along Isleworth; York House, Petersham Nursery and back and forth along the river past Kew Gardens.

First stop: York House Gardens.

What first drew me to this particular stop was the large Grecian statue instillation in the second half of this houses bisected garden area. However, in the first half there is also a great pond area with a wooden bridge that is easily overlooked, a little under groomed but a lovely stop to take a few moments to oneself in.

Feels like an Austen Novel. York House Gardens, London. December 2015.

The house is currently closed but, as we come out of winter, you should check for opening dates and times to extend your visit to this lovely house. In the meantime, I suggest taking a wander through the local town area and along the water for great views and fresh air.

For me this was a quick stop along a much bigger walk in an absolutely beautiful area of greater London, leading us to the second stop, but, being me, happened the long way round.

The issue with this area, as it soon became apparent, is an utter lack of bridges.  I walked from York house up toward Richmond where Richmond Road crosses the Thames which is about half a mile to a mile (depending on your approach) to my second stop.

This being said, this river walk is breathtaking on a day like mine—which was absolutely amazing for London in winter. The color was in full bloom and the sun was shining.

This second stop was to the Petersham Nursery.

A greenhouse at Christmas. Petersham Nursery, London. December 2015.

Again, this is a short stop but if anyone is interested in photographing greenhouses filled with chandeliers, garden supplies, and plant life, this is a great stop. Admission is free and you can walk around and take all the pictures you want.

Just a note: if you want to get here quicker (and leave more quickly) take the path through the meadows as you head away from the Richmond Bridge. Once you hit the street, turn left and the nursery will be at the dead end to the right.

As I came in winter, there were a lot of empty trellises which would be gorgeous in spring or summer, but coming at Christmas meant the greenhouses gave me a million and one ideas for decorating back home.

Lunch at the Tea House. Petersham Nursery, London. December 2015.

This is a nice stop for grabbing lunch which is served until 3 pm. The food is delicious but cost is pretty high. There are a few different areas to grab food but if you aren’t looking for a nice place to stop—meaning if you don’t have a jacket and your boots are covered in mud—don’t hit the café which can cost upwards of 20GBP for the entree alone, but hear back to the tea house. I got a warm, filling butternut squash, mushroom, and sage lasagna with a side of fennel salad and a small tea (3 cups) for about 15 GBP. Not the cheapest meal, but worth it.

Plus eating in the green house was nice.

Walk along the yellowed wood. Richmond along Thames, London. December 2015

Both of these were more photo stops than anything else but again, the area is more than suitable for an all-day wander so the trek is worth it if you choose to make a day out of the trip.

While you are in the area, there are more than a few stops that I know I won’t manage this time around but you should definitely look into walking through including Ham House, Richmond Park and Kew Gardens (this last stop I am hoping to hit in my part two of the final trips out there).

But until next week,

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

A Walk Through a (London) Yellow Wood…

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