Wander Morden….

…. More time in green London.

Pooh Bear in Morden Park. Morden Hall Park, London. September 2015.

This trip happened about 10 weeks ago, back in the full fall weather, before winter started moving in, on a much warmer day than I’m currently experiencing.

One of the reasons we hit this park was because of a free music show some friends were a part of at a nearby café. But back to the green space:

Morden Hall Park is a National Trust park which surrounds the River Wandle in the south of London. The park contains an array of landscapes and buildings including Morden Hall (hence the name), Morden Cottage, an old Snuff Mill, a second-hand bookshop, as well as old farm buildings some of which make up the garden center and a city farm.

The area known as the “Heart of the Park”, which includes estate buildings, the Stable Yard, and the rose garden, is  a great area to wander and take pictures—at least as a start. This is where the top picture was takes.  The rose garden was one of my favorite spots. With over 2000 roses and the little brook featured in the picture, it’s a beautiful photo stop as well as a nice place to treat yourself to a picnic and nice read—weather permitting!

Water Arches. Morden Hall Park, South London. September 2015.

Throughout the park, if you stick to the waterways, you’ll find foot bridges of all styles and sizes, from flat woods to intricate metals, each fitting the style of the surrounding areas and all great for us photo junkies.

Another great spot we wandered across was these beautiful water arches with the overgrown plant life lingering across the water ways. These are located a short walk from Morden Hall, and are one of the many hidden gems you’ll find if you just wander through the many areas of this National Trust Park.

There is also a Tramlink light rail line from Wimbledon to Croydon that runs through the northern part of the park with multiple stops which give you quick and easy access to the park and a nicer walk than coming up from the underground. The train tracks make another great picture spot and was quite unexpected for us!

Train in the Green. Morden Hall Park, London. September 2015.

I loved being able to walk over the train rails and there are so many areas throughout the park, each which look so strikingly different from the rest that this is just one more spot in London where you can take the day off for photoshoots, a day in the park to read or picnic, spend your lunch hour if you live or work nearby, or another chance to escape the gray of the city while still being in the city.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Wander Morden….

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