River Walking

A great way to see a city.


River Walking. River Thames, London, England. December 2014.

As I’ve been cooped up for the past few days working on assignments as the semester approaches, I’ve been thinking about water.

While tours of a city or visits to historic or cultural places are great, one of the great joys I’ve found while traveling from LA to Dublin to Inverness to London and many places in between, has been walking along the river ways.

Rivers are a major part of my city exploration. Between the marketlife and the picturesque views along the water, I love spending a day of travels slowing down to explore these areas which usually hold historical significance (remember, cities build up around water as they can’t function without it!).

I’ve been to a lot of cities and have walked along many rivers and streams while exploring them, and whether they are the slowly revitalized trails along the LA River; the busy thoroughfares surrounded by traffic in central Dublin; the beautiful green-scape and decorative walking bridges of the River Ness; or the market and destination rich walkways along the Thames, there is something to be said about the life down by the river.

In my opinion, you can tell a lot about the make up, the history, and the heartbeat of a place from the waterway. In LA, the green projects tell a story of a world of concrete slowly trying to find a balance with community and nature that speaks to hope and change. In London, the world by the water is like the manifestation of things changing and staying the same; you may see a building everyday but there is bound to be one person standing there in awe, seeing it for the first time.

In the four months I’ve lived in London, I have walked along most of the riverscape many times, but soon I’m planning a day to walk all the bridges and spend the day by the water. It’ll be a day of comfy clothes, sturdy shoes, and a camera, but the sore legs are worth the hours of seeing the city, and not just the sights as advertised in travel brochures.

This is an adventure I truly recommend to anyone with the day to spend taking in  the city but without the pressure to go out and DO things.

For a girl like me, it also helps that following the river back lets me get home in a unfamiliar city just by keeping to the water’s edge.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar

River Walking

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