The Pumpkin Hour….

Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight?


Along the Thames. Thames River, London, England. December, 2014.

While I know we haven’t hit Christmas yet, if you happen to be traveling or abroad this holiday season, you should definitely already be asking yourself what you will be doing this New Year’s Eve. What I love about New Year’s (besides it being the one holiday that won’t be a first for me without my family), is that no matter where you go in the world (at least as far as I know) you are probably going to be able to find a crowd of people to be with (even if you are alone-together with them).

From Times Square in New York or the bank of the Thames in London, you’re sure to find somewhere to be, whether you are all on your own or traveling with someone(s) to kiss at midnight. The thing to remember, however, is that wherever you end up, doing your planning beforehand can save you.

I know in London (at least), this year is the first time that crowd control measures are being put in place for various events, meaning that areas of the city will be locked down and only accessible for people with tickets or wristbands.

Not only does this mean you’ll want to look at getting tickets to events like firework shows ahead  of time (like, now would be a good idea!), but you’ll also want to look at the areas around the places you’ll be this New Year’s Eve just in case you can’t get somewhere due to these kind of blockages. This year’s Mayoral Big Ben firework show is already sold out (told you you should plan ahead!) but here and here are some other options if you are in town. And when it comes to travel, go public and plan ahead. New year’s means drinking so stay safe, have someone sober if you are out, and know where you are going and how to get there (in London there is free transport available from 11:45 pm to 4:30 am New Year’s Day!)

If you aren’t in London, the city’s details here may not help you, but you should be able to find details for wherever you are by looking at travel websites and city news outlets as well as any of the regular travel idea sites from travel sites to blogs.

For a few examples of New Year’s celebrations, look here and until next time, Happy Holidays.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

The Pumpkin Hour….

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