The Barbican Center

It’s worth a visit.


London, England. October 2014.

Whether you are a visitor or a new resident of London, if you have any interest in the arts, The Barbican is one place to look into. This venue deals in the art and cultural industries, including theater, film, and music, along with a full calendar of events.

With their user friendly website, you can easily pick events that are relevant to your interests and buy your tickets with no hassle. Whether you are looking for entertainment for a few people or looking at a group event, this site is a great place to get together with people and enjoy yourself.

Location-wise, the Barbican is really easy to get to walking, biking, driving, or using public transport, and the best ways to get there are listed on the website. If you wanted more exposure to art than this site offers, The Museum of London is a quick walk away, making both locations an easy and enjoyable day-trip in the city.

The Barbican houses not only entertainment but three in-house restaurants for visitors’ convenience as well as other establishments in the surrounding areas.

While most things at the Barbican are not free, you should look at the price sections for the deals you can find. Prices vary from event to event as well as for students, age groups, and for various membership groups.

If you are age 16-25, you can sign up for a FREE Young Barbican membership with reduced prices for most events between 5-15 pounds and admits a friend for the same price, including the waved booking fee. Signing up is easy and quick and saves you a lot. One membership and you can go to the cinema for 5 pound—that’s cheaper than any rate I’ve found elsewhere, and it’s a quality deal for a quality experience.

I truly recommend looking at all the deals and events here. London is a place that is filled with chances to experience arts and culture and the Barbican is one of the great places you can go to experience these ventures.

So go on and have fun! Next week, we’ll be talking holidays, but until then,

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

The Barbican Center

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