Local things to do…

Never seen that in the tour books!


Science Museum Lates. Science Museum, London, England. October 2014.

Okay, some tour books will give you the skinny on local goings-on, all-year long, but, for the most part, they’re written to give information on how to get from one tourist stop to the next and which ones you just HAVE to visit.

In an earlier post, I talked about how to research local events when traveling (from local blogs or talking to people when you are out and about). This week, I’m focusing on just one of those sources.

This week I learned about (and went to my first) “Museum Lates” at London’s Science Museum. This is an adults only night event that takes place near the end of most months, featuring fun and educational talks, smaller events, and activities that center around the month’s given theme. This month was food and drink and we went to a lecture on whether we wash our hands too much (answer: no; most of us need to wash better and more!) and another on how much what your past-generations’ feeding habits have shaped you (answer: they’re still researching but it looks like a lot.). They also had stationary bikes you could ride which would power a blender to make your own yogurt smoothie and a table of proven “sex food” (go early or there will be no more chocolate!).

All in all, the event was successful (my friends loved that they walked away with containers of free yogurt as a goodie-bag, as well. When you are paying for grad school, we take all the handouts we can get!). Looking back at what was offered and the time we had, however, I’ve got some tips on how to make the most of your time:

  1. Go to the site and download or look at the offered programs, including the time they take place. If you want to go to talks, you’ll quickly discover that your time gets eaten away quickly, so knowing what is offered before you get there (and your “must dos”), will let you see and do everything you really want.
  2. Don’t put things off until the end of the night. When they say that they are ending an event at a specific time, they will end it then. They aren’t posting the time they cut off the cue. I really wanted to make my own yogurt smoothie but they had closed the line because they had to be sure that they’d finish and clean up before closing—no exceptions.
  3. Queue for talks. Don’t show up right at the time the lecture is scheduled to start and expect to get in. Space is limited in almost all the lectures and they give stickers that number the people in line (don’t just have someone save your space!) – once they’re out of stickers, you’re out. They’ll sometimes make an exception, but not for many. You will also probably sit on the floor at some point so think ahead clothing-wise. If they say they’ll be starting the queue in a few minutes, don’t walk away; they’ll probably start sooner than they say they will if people are showing up.
  4. Get to the museum before the start of the Late. There is a queue to get in (this seems like a major British past time, doesn’t it?), but it moved quickly and I haven’t seen people get turned away because of capacity. If you get in the queue early, you get in faster and you can see more of the museum and all the special programs offered.

The Lates get busy but they are great fun, and, with a little pre-planning, you’re sure to see much more.

Did I mention you can buy alcohol? It is, after all, all adults.

And for more upcoming local fanfare, a friend posted this local blog on social media, perfectly timed for this post, so check it out if you’re here in London or planning to be anytime from now to early December. Even if you’re not, it’s a good place to keep your eye on.

Until next week, have a very festive and safe Guy Fawkes Day and week!


I’m Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Local things to do…

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