Just your everyday separation anxiety…

Homesickness with the strangest timing.


Walking toward home. Southwark Bridge, London, England. October, 2014.

It’s a funny thing, but I haven’t really thought about homesickness until I have some family in town. That’s not to say that I haven’t had moments before that were hard, ‘i miss home’ moments.

The day i arrived, my sister sent me a message about crying all the way back to her house after saying goodbye to me and then a few weeks later, I received a link to her wedding picture album. I got to the father-daughter pictures (the first dance and the first time my dad saw her in the dress) and, as with the earlier text, found myself blinking back tears and a deep wanting for home comforts.

I’ve never been one to experience homesickness–I guess I was usually one of the people comforting those feeling it instead.

But now I feel it in little boughts. It’s not a bad thing– I’ve had friends talk about bursting into tears for unknown reasons spontaniously and needing to skype with friends and/or family immediately–I’m just more of a take a breath, keep clam carry on breed. And with my travels, I’ve had a lot of experience with being away from family (a month isn’t that long for me).

Then, my mom and sister came into town and they’ll be here for the next week. I’ve been so busy with them running that I haven’t thought about much else (besides classwork I have to schedule in)

Until they went back to their apartment and I chatted over google+ with(part of) the family back home. Having one third of the family here is reminding me of the ones who are not and while I loved joking with them, it left me wanting more.

The last straw was a request I shouldn’t have made: they brought my dog to the computer screen (and even now the next day, typing this in the school cafe I’m getting teary eyed!). That was the hardest part of the chat for me and after signing off I had to cuddle with my stuffed animal (one of my essencial must pack items) before getting back to my homework.

Everyone has a different trigger and you can’t plan when homesickness is going o hit or how badly it will effect you. There’s no bracing for the impact–it’s blindsiding.

It is also, however, managable.

It’s a sudden bout of seperation anxiety. Some solve it with a cry, others with distraction, some with contact with the source.

How do you deal it?

This was a quick post for a long, busy  week and next week I’ll talk about this week’s juggle between school/responsibilities and visitors/adventure but until then,

I’m Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

Just your everyday separation anxiety…

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