A Case of the Nerves…

This is new.


Along the Waterfront. Erie Canal, Waterford, Ireland. Summer, 2013.

I am 12 days out and I beginning to feel the pressure… and maybe need to stop eating my feelings (I’ve had a latte, 2 scones, and the works of Morningstar breakfast foods… that’s a whole lot of empty carbs for me!). This a really new experience for me (the nerves part).

I’ve been traveling since I was three years old (my first trip to England—where I threw out my bottles and learned to climb out of my crib). Since then, I’ve been to Italy, Japan, Australia, France, the UK, Ireland, and all over the US, and yet, I’ve never felt this kind of anxious. I know this is different; I’m moving away—alone—for at least a year, and not just 6 hours by car like in college, but a 10 and a half hour plane ride from anyone I know. The last time I moved (besides the 6 hour college drive), I was 7 years old and I had both my parents, three sisters, two cats and a dog coming with me.

So what to do?

I’m making lists and trying to tie up loose ends; seeing friends and making plans; keeping busy.

Basically, my list for now is:

  1. Get my banking done
  2. Pack my boxes to ship
  3. Get the necessities to pack in my suitcase and carry-on bag
  4. Figure out what I have to buy when I get there (and how to pay for it)
  5. Clean out my room
  6. Double check my lodgings
  7. Double check my classes and work out the details for my internship
  8. Contact my UK contacts and set up meetings
  9. Check any of my annual contracts to postpone or cancel the contract/payments*

Well, it’s a work in progress.

*this is something to look into if you are suddenly moving to a new place. Some contracts have clauses saying that if you are moving a certain distance from one of their facilities (like a massage parlor), you can cancel your payments after the next month’s payment if you bring in proof of your new address. It’s nice to look into.

Like I said, I’m 12 days out, I have my ticket, and all my paperwork in order, but I have so much left to do. It’s no wonder I’m starting to eat my feelings…

In the next week and 5 days, I’ll be working through this list (and probably adding just as many points as I delete from it) and hopefully putting my excess jitters into running rather than eating everything in sight!

SO, how do you deal with travel anxiety whether for small or more major trips?

I love hearing from you and hope you don’t mind the randomness of the post…. Promise I’ll be more constructive in the next couple of weeks.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

A Case of the Nerves…

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