My Home-Locked Summer…

…living and planning vicariously.


Caerphilly Castle. Caerphilly, South Wales. Summer 2013.

So, if it hasn’t been obvious up to this point, I’m not traveling this summer—not unless you count the odd weekend away or day trip. This summer I am homebound; working, taking part in my sister’s wedding (blessedly over this Friday!), and getting everything from funding to paperwork squared away for moving to London this September.

All this adds up tone LONG summer of living vicariously through my friends’ facebook and blog posts and, of course, writing this blog.

This summer, it feels like everyone I know is off having adventures. I’ve gotten to see the Louvre, the Coliseum, the white building skyline of Greece, the London Eye, the Cliffs of Mohr and so much more than I could ever list here flooding my feeds with the faces of friends and much colored commentary.

It’s been pretty fabulous, but also has my inner travel bug pushing at the seams to get out!

But alas, homebound (and not the nice post trip kind either!).

If you’ve ever been part of a wedding, you’ll understand the major time—not to mention funds— suck I am in the middle of. And planning and saving up for grad school is no picnic either.

Now that I’ve heard from my final school, the next few months—unless anyone has any topic suggestions they have been hankering to read about—will be on the process of getting my butt in gear while it’s all happening—sounds fun, right?

Well, hopefully it’ll be entertaining for any of you who are thinking of—or who have already undertaken—this undertaking.

Anyway, what I have observed—which is the point of this post—is the speed at which my fellow Americans travel the globe. I mean, I’ve known this and have heard others from other countries comments and questions on what we even see at the rate we travel, but it hasn’t been until I’ve seen friend after friend post an “I’m here!” post one day, only to read “and now a whole new country” two or three days later.

I understand getting the most out of your travel days— as Americans, we tend to hit a certain point in our careers where the only parts of other countries we see is either on film or the inside of their office buildings and conference rooms; which I have to say SUCKS!—but I feel like I miss some of the atmosphere when I am having to move at lightning fast speeds. You also definitely tend to hit only the highlights and not the hidden gems in this travel.

Maybe I’m not really one to talk; I’ve covered four countries in the span of 5 weeks but I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted so much more time!

So, I guess my question for this homebound summer is, how can one find the happy medium between seeing everything beyond the pages of your travel guide, make the most of your always limited travel time and still be satisfied with what you’ve gotten?

Or, maybe that’s the point. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and so now—no matter how much I love my LA valley girl life of sunny beach days—scheduled and monitored vacation days aren’t going to be enough to see everywhere. I’ll be going places over and over again to search out every gem imaginable—

Sounds like a life I can get behind.

So, I have discovered that living vicariously is a bittersweet experience but it’ll tide me over, and, for now, I’ll be starting to turn the page to a new chapter and adventure. I hope you enjoy the read and the ride.

As always,

I’m Leave on the Wind, Helping you soar.


My Home-Locked Summer…

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