A change of pace…

in that I’m not just off wandering the world and writing about it; I’m moving.


Bex and The London Eye. London, England. Summer 2013.

So this post will probably be pretty quick and, sorry for anyone wanting or looking here for advice this week (totally post questions or topics below if you are interested), lacking in advice to help you along.

But to the point, I’m (most likely) moving this upcoming September from Sunny Southern California to the UK. After a year and a half out of college with a degree in English and creative writing, I’m going to be heading overseas to get my Masters—a year long, full time program for Publishing. At this point, I’ve been lucky enough to get in to two of my three schools and am waiting for the third.

Between then and now—unless real adventure advice strikes me—I’ll probably be going over my progress. I’ll be looking at funding, finding a place to live, making connections, (possibly) working in a country you don’t know well, and pretty much my time figuring out what the hell I have gotten myself into.

I started this program in March after attending a meeting at a local college and kind of jumped in on impulse. Unfortunately, this means that my time frame has been remarkably short and I am pretty much drifting… or at least I feel that way.

In that sense, I’m totally open to any advice anyone feels like sharing. I have traveled all over the world under many different circumstances but I have never done anything quite like this.

So, yea, that’s pretty much the whole of it. If you have advice or questions, seriously, feel free to post.

And, at least for this week, that’s all I can think of. Sorry for the second off post in a row… life has been quite interesting and hectic lately.

Thanks for the read,

I’m Leave on the Wing, (usually) helping you soar.

A change of pace…

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