And you’re on your way…

… with everything in toe.


The road to Anne Hathaway’s house. Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Summer, 2013.

It’s really summer now. Schools are out, caps are tossed, and plans (and planes) are taking off. So here we are.
We’ve talked planning and packing, booking and moving, sites and cites.
So before you board your planes, trains, boats, automobiles, or whatever else you plan on taking to get you wherever you need to go, take the moment to go through your check list (we’re keeping this post simple) to make sure you really have it all:

Packed with clothes
laundry packets (if necessary)
secondary shoes
makeup bag and portable necessities (remember you can buy most on the road– hair care and body/face wash)

Carry on (if not your main bag):
travel book
empty water bottle
change of clothes(the tight roll method is best!)
extra underwear (!)
electronic charges and adapters
hair ties
travel notebook and pen
travel info folder
small emergency packet of feminine products (you can pick more up if you need them later!)

In your travel folder:
print outs of travel itinerary
plane/travel tickets
event/pre-bought passes or receipt print outs
hotel/hostel booking confirmations
bus/train/ferry tickets/ confirmations

On your electronics:
Apps: transportation (some are hooked in with your travel passes)
whatsapp app (which can get hinky; test it)
contact your provide to up your international minutes and data

someone to feed/water/walk your plants/animal
Halt or someone to get your mail
house sitter

Home transport:
someone to pick you up and drop you off at the airport


You have called your bank and let them know you are going out of town so they don’t shut down your cards/ access to money

And that’s the main of it. If there is anything else any of you always stick on your packing list let me know below.

So as you take off, stay safe and merry travels,
I’m Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.

And you’re on your way…

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