There be dragons ahead…

There be dragons ahead...
Castell Conwy, Conwy, Wales. Summer 2013.

…or at least an adventure.

Hi, hello, and welcome,

In the 23 years I have been alive, I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit. Since the ripe old age of two years old, I’ve visited 9 countries spanning over 4 continents, but I plan on visiting both these destinations again as well as adding to the list, sooner rather than later.

Over these varied trips—varied from destination to travel companions to time frame and age—I have been able to gather quite a few ideas on the dos and don’ts of planning, packing, and travel etiquette.
Of course, here’s the grain of salt, I am a girl from the west cost of the United States. I’m college educated with a liberal arts and humanities degree. This means that I travel with some American habits, with the knowledge and predisposition to steer away from the “Ugly American” stereotype.

I’ve noticed in my last trip through the UK hostel system (a post that will come at a later date), that it is mostly we, Americans, that really flush out all our plans pre-trip, at least when focusing on the post school grad trip/ student/ young adult age group. Yes, that was a wordy was of putting it.
But those are the kind of tips of the trade I will be handing out. From planning to packing and pacing to what you really want or need to see based on the trip you are doing; guidebooks to see and what to consider at every cross-section you may come across.

Hopefully, this will come across in a fun and educational way, with greatly appreciated commentary, anecdotes, and pictures to boot.

In the mean time,
I’m leave-on-the-wind, helping you soar.